Alyssa Sarfity

Likes Bordeaux & lilacs

Alyssa is a discerningly happy new yorker living with a chatty musician Frenchman. Design, food, wine, and music permeate their Tribeca home.
She first assisted a well-known food stylist back in the day of pay phones and subway tokens, (more…)

Mary Kate Gilroy

likes leggings & grilled pizza

Mary Kate hails from the shores of eastern New York. After college, and in between her short-lived volleyball career and stints in hair modeling, a little nepotism threw Mary Kate my way. It’s only natural that her photographer’s eye  (more…)

Andrea Kapsales

likes organic wine & granola

Andrea is a native New Yorker living in the post modern hipster enclave of Beacon, NY. She came to food styling after private cheffing for some über elite, catering and the swanky NY restaurant scene. Now when she’s not knitting coveted garments or making strange relish for her husband she can be found (more…)

Valerie Navarro

likes açaí bowls and weaving

Val is the newest member to our team, coming to us after dabbling in prop styling and as a creative producer.  She’s a Brooklyn based creative and a Miami native,  the co-parent to a cute Weiner dog and is always on point with her eye makeup.  We’ve broken her in recently with night shoots, international travel, and 24 hour days and  I look forward to seeing how her weaving develops, her styling evolves and learning more millennial slang.